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Winter is Coming

With regatta season drawing to a close, Winter is coming. It's time to dust off the erg, and get the weight plates out again. A lot of training lies ahead during these Winter months.

But what's your plan?

1st - get assessed. What areas are you strong in, and what areas do you want to improve ahead of the next season?

2nd - get a programme that addresses this. This is the easy bit. Just head to the shop and get a programme that addresses your needs.

But the assessment comes first. So, what areas do we need to assess?

1. Mobility

2. Strength and power

3. Endurance

Let's break each of these down:

1. Mobility:

Can you hit certain positions? We want you to be able to perform an RDL where the weight plate (standard Olympic size) easily coaches the ground with perfect form. We want you to be able to squat way past parallel with ease. We want you to be able to perform full range pull-ups without any compensations. These are 3 basic tests. For a more specific and detailed mobility testing process, head to the website and contact me for details.

2. Strength and power:

Lower body push and pull, upper body push and pull, trunk capacity, and full body power.

What would this look like? Squat, deadlift, bench press, bench pull, 4 way isometric holds, and power cleans. Depending upon competency, and time of the year, this would range form 5RMs to 1RMs.

3. Endurance:

This is where we would utilise the classic 2k erg test, as well as a 30min erg at rate 20, or a 5k free rate erg for time.

As far as standards for each of these go, that depends upon your current and desired level. Again, for standards specific to you, and to support your goals, contact me through the website to talk about what they are, and how we can support you getting there.

Going through all of these tests will give you a picture of where you are. Comparing them to the standards required will show you what area you need to focus on in your training over the next few months. Then you pick a plan, train, and develop.

Enjoy your training,


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