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Max Roger
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Helping athletes improve their performance

Having competed in various sports at different levels, I've always sought two things:

1. A sense of team and community.

2. A way to train with a purpose.

That's why I help others with the same goals now.

Max's story

I always wanted to compete. From when I was at school I wasn't the most talented, biggest or strongest, so I told myself that I'd work harder than everyone else.

I had purpose to my training, but I wasn't training smart. When injuries came over the years I tried to push through them in an attempt to outwork everyone else. This just led to more injuries and my progress stalling.

I realised that I needed to change the way I was training.

I dug into the science of training and performance, and learnt from coaches all over the world, visiting clubs and having calls with different teams. I used this learning to create the system I use with Max-Performance: this system gets you working hard, but also smart.

Max-Performance is for people who value hard work and training with purpose, giving them a community to belong to so that we can achieve our goals together.

Qualifications and Training

Recent Achievements

Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning

Coached at professional level in rugby union

Learnt from International coaches in rugby union and rowing

Trained multiple athletes to marathon and ultramarathon finishes

Trained athletes through military selection

Hong Kong Around the Island Run (69km)

Ultramarathon Winner (51km), Swindon

Half Marathon Age Winner (20-29), Bedford

3:15.55 Marathon

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