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Rachel Newborough


Northern Ireland and Charlton Athletic

Dan Sham


Oxford Brookes Rowing

Over the 2 years, Max and I built a great relationship. He was always genuine and concerned about how I was performing and about my general well being. He would always check in with me and remember to ask how I was doing after a hard session or wish me luck before a match. During sessions, Max always pushed me and made sure I was getting the most out of every session. I told Max that I sometimes got bored in the gym because my real passion is being on the pitch rather than in the gym. Max listened and created sessions that we could do in the sports hall before going to the gym. I really enjoyed the sessions and felt like it was really relevant to being on the pitch. The results of these extra sessions and focus on speed were seen in my international game against Wales. The match report showed I'd reached my fastest top speed on the pitch and that day it was the highest top speed on the pitch. Max was a fantastic S&C coach, reliable, professional, genuine and dedicated. I would recommend Max to any team or organization and know he would be a great addition to any team.

Chris Cronin


Hybrid athlete

Although being an experienced athlete in various sports and in strength and conditioning I had started to plateau in my training. I had lost motivation and direction with my training and wasn't getting many results. Now, I've been training with Max for well over a year and have improved massively in all areas of my fitness. Max helped me complete a 510kg powerlifting total all whilst maintaining a high level of fitness and being able to complete the Manchester marathon. Throughout this time I've experienced many injuries/setbacks which Max altered programmes/training for and always gives plenty of advice which helped me recover from them and improve. I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can achieve physically and I know Max is the right coach to push me to my limits.

Tom Blythman



As a keen hockey player I knew that to take my game to the next level I had to ensure that my strength and fitness was at the right level. I worked with Max on this, and we also looked at movements to help with my back injury. The detailed feedback that I received really helped with this, and allowed me to move better on the pitch, without worrying about my back. I highly recommend Max if you are serious about improving your performance.

The first block has been an amazing confidence booster. I have been provided with a very personalised and tailored programme as well as nutritional tips that helped me meet my short term goals and the programme has provided me with the confidence to slowly overcome my injury.


I would've never thought I would be doing half the lifts I'm doing right now. I am definitely looking forward to the next block of training.

Felix Titherley


Rostock Griffins

Max was my S&C Coach from January 2017 - March 2018. During this period he helped me with my progression from playing American Football at the University of Leeds to being selected to the Great Britain Lions squad, as well as being awarded a contract to play in the GFL. Max created training programmes and schedules tailored to my individual needs as an athlete, resulting in significant increases in my strength, power, technique, and conditioning. Max understands that each athlete learns in different ways and was very flexible with his approach to my training. Max did not just simply coach, he also recommended further reading and provided a gold mine of information that would help me once I moved to Germany. After we had officially finished our time as a coach and athlete, he was always ready to provide advice and further information to assist in my development. Max is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone who is seriously considering taking their performance to the next level. 

Jimmy Cape

Hybrid athlete


My background for sport is Karate and I have competed for many years. However, in the last 18 months I've been plagued with ankle injuries. Max has helped me get back on track with my fitness levels and minimise/reduce my ankle issues. It's been less than two months and I've already noticed a difference in ankle flexibility, and seen this with testing measurements. There's definitely a sense of direction and constant improvement with specific exercises tailored to me.

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