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Put in the work

Right now 2 types of people are revealing themselves:

1. Those that get the work done, no matter the circumstance.

2. Those that are using the current situation as an excuse to not train, be lazy, and make poor nutritional choices.

Most people right now are complaining about losing their motivation. They don't feel like training. They slip into poor nutritional habits. You might hear them say, "I don't know when the season will start again, so it's hard to have the motivation to train." These are all poor excuses, with motivation built upon shaky foundations. Knowing when the season starts again is a poor motivation.

It doesn't matter when the season starts: now is the time to put the work in.

What you have right now is the gift of time: you're becoming mentally refreshed from your sport so that you'll see it through a new and exciting lens when you return to it. You're also becoming physically refreshed, as your body gets a break from the daily knocks and bangs and strains specific to your sport. But it doesn't take that long to freshen up. So after a couple fo weeks of taking it easy, keeping things ticking over with some training, it's time to get after it again and PUT THE WORK IN.

You have the gift of time because you can put the work in without other things getting in the way:

  • There's no team training session this afternoon that you need to make sure you perform well in so that you get picked for the weekend - so you can put the work in in training today.

  • There's no game to recover from that means that you can't attack training too hard as you work around niggles and are generally fatigued - so you can put the work in in training today.

  • There's no game coming up to ensure that you're fresh for, meaning that you have to hold back a little in training at the end of the week - so you can put the work in in training today.

Once your season gets a start date announced, which will eventually happen, then you can reformulate your training plan and begin to freshen up for it. It won't be a case of "right, games are back on next week." Instead, you'll have plenty of warning and time to get ready for it again. By 'get ready for it' I mean freshen up from your training, and get back to the skill and team work as a team that is specific for your sport. Going back to training and doing that will be hard enough, meaning that you will have even less time than usual during that period to work on your strength and conditioning.

So now is the time to maximise that. Do everything that you possibly can now to push yourself physically so that you are in the best physical shape of your life when the season returns. This is likely the longest pre-season that you will ever have, so take this opportunity and run with it.

Put in the work.


For advice and programmes on how you can maximise your training right now please get in contact.

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