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Training Leading Up to the Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships

10 days from now I'll be competing in the Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships. It's 2k on the erg, as fast as you can. So what does the last 10 days of training look like for this? Here is the plan:


Day 1 - 750m x3

Day 2 - None

Day 3 - 1000m x2

Day 4 - None

Day 5 - 1500m, 750m

Day 6 - None

Day 7 - 1250m, 750m, 250m

Day 8 - None

Day 9 - None

Day 10 - Compete

What is the purpose behind these sessions? Right now, not much more physical improvement can be made. It takes longer than this for the body to undergo physiological changes. The major focus here is mental. All of these pieces will be done at my target 2k pace. The distances get bigger, so mentally I know that I can complete bigger and bigger pieces at my target pace. Then, after achieving 1500m on Day 5 I taper off, knowing that on the day the final 500m will just require a huge mental (and physical) effort, but that I can do it.

Matched to this is the gym work, and sprint work:

Day 1 - Lower body

Day 2 - Upper body

Day 3 - Lower body and Hill Sprints

Day 4 - Upper body

Day 5 - Lower body

Day 6 - Strongman

Day 7 - Lower body (powerful) and Sprints

Day 8 - Upper body (powerful)

Day 9 - Primer

Day 10 - Compete

Whilst this looks like a lot of work, the actual volume in the gym will be extremely low. The first few days is mostly 5x5 on the major lifts, then from Day 5 the volume gets cut roughly in half. Day 7 and 8 will probably be even less work - depends how the body is feeling by then. The aim is to be feeling so fresh, mentally and physically, that by the time the competition comes I am full of energy and bursting at the seams to train again - then I'll let that energy out in the competition.

To help you get ready for a competition read the other articles in this blog, and visit our shop for a programme tailored to you:


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