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Improve Your Splits

Splits? I can't do them, never mind improve them!

We are talking about your erg splits here: Your time/500m.

So how do you get them down for your 2k?

1. Assess:

We need to know what you limiting factor is. Let's presume that you are consistent in your splits. ie. you don't fly and die, but keep at a fairly constant pace throughout most of your 2k.

A lack of consistency means that your greatest improvement will first come from learning how to pace yourself to gain that consistency.

So, with consistency in your splits, 1 of 2 things will happen:

1. You'll tail off at the end, with your splits dropping off in the last 500m. This tells us that you could do with building up your aerobic base.

2. You'll remain at a constant pace throughout the piece. This suggests that improving your aerobic base or your power will help. To determine this we would do a second test: 250m, as fast as possible. (Obviously do this on a different day as doing this after a 2k would be cruel and not give us a valid score). If your 250m time is poor then a focus on strength and power in your training would be beneficial. If it's not then a focus on your aerobic base is.

2. Train:

Get a programme relevant for you. This is where I can help, designing a programme that focuses on what you need: strength and power, or aerobic base.

3. Repeat:

Do your 2k again. Beat your previous time. Sounds simple, but simple isn't easy.

Enjoy your training, Max

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