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3 tips to get stronger AND fitter at the same time

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Doing both can be tricky, but follow these tips to become a Hybrid Athlete.

I was often told growing up that you can't get stronger and fitter at the same time. That's not true though. I've been training for years for both and the results are speaking for themself. Multiple ultra's later, and my strength levels are still going up. Importantly, I'm maintaining a muscular physique, instead of getting that classical skinny runner look.

I followed these 3 tips to get those results:

Tip #1 - Split your training

Train upper and lower body seperately. This allows your legs to recover on alternate days, while you still train and improve in other ways.

For example:

Monday - lowers and interval run

Tuesday - uppers and swim

Wednesday - lowers and long run

Thursday - uppers and bike

Friday - rest

Saturday - very long run

Tip #2 - Know your priority

There's a lot of training in these programmes. It can be hard to fit in sometimes. But if you're clear on what your priority sessions are then you can adapt your training week to fit them in. For example, if you need more speed and you have a 10km race coming up, then the intervals and lower body strength are key.

Tip #3 - Recover well

With all of the training you need to recover well. Your priority is sleep. If you sacrifice some of your 8 hours to get up and train - DON'T! You need to recover well. Without looking after yourself you're turnign into a ticking time bomb for decreased performance and then injury.

Over to you

Follow these 3 tips now to start seeing you become a hybrid athlete. It can be tricky seeing how to plan your week and know what to prioritise, so Click Here to get in touch with me and go over what your training can look like.

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