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Strength and conditioning tailored to your military goals
What is at stake?
Not getting the results you feel you deserve from all your hard work?
Train hard but can't see your performance improving?
Keep getting niggling injuries?
Jump on a call with me now to start to overcome these.
Why choose this?
Fits into your busy schedule
Sessions are tailored to suit your schedule. You don't have 3 hours a day to train like a professional, so you have to train smarter, with efficient sessions that can be adapted to fit into your work-week.
Regularly see progress
You need to know that your training works. You will regularly see improvements in different areas, and notice that everything starts to feel easier than it used to.
Feel better as you train and compete
You will quickly feel that you are moving better and easier, with less pain in each session, as well as in competition. YOu'll be more confident in your ability to perform and complete tasks without triggering niggling injuries.
3-Step Plan
Step 1: Click "Schedule your performance call"
I'll set up a call with you to discuss exactly what you're looking for and how I'll help you get it.
Step 2:
You get support and coaching feedback whenever you need it, regular calls and a new programme specifically for you every 4 weeks.
Step 3:
Overcome injuries and achieve results and performances that you've been chasing.


"Max understands that each athlete learns in different ways and was very flexible with his approach to my training. Max did not just simply coach, he also recommended further reading and provided a gold mine of information that would help me."

What Sets Me Apart
There are lots of programmes out there, and it's tempting to hop from one to another, always training harder and harder in the pursuit of better results. this often leads to niggly injuries, and a plateau in results.
What you need is a programme that is tailored specifically to you - your body and your goals - as well as all-round support. This is what I provide, working with you to answer any questions that you have and help out in all areas that affect your performance - not just in the gym. this will get you feeling better, moving better, and performing better than you could imagine.
Price Options:
Bronze: £80 per month  |  Silver: £99 per month  |  Gold: £140 per month
Programmes, calls, coaching, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle advice, and much more
Use of TrainHeroic App
All to get you to achieve your goals
Rachel: I really enjoyed the sessions and felt like it was really relevant to being on the pitch.
Felix: I would recommend Max to anyone who is seriously considering taking their performance to the next level.
Free Download
Click below to get your free download of my 'Breathing for Rowing' eBook. Find out how focusing on your breath will help you with all aspects of your fitness, and get you results faster.
It you're reading this then you're serious about your training, you've tried different programmes, but you aren't getting the results that you want. Schedule your performance call to make a change and get the results that you're after.
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